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Hydrus Hygiene Ltd Flow System

Centrifugal Blower & Airknife System Installation For Hydrus Hygiene

Airtec air systems in conjunction with Hydrus Hygiene Limited were commissioned to improve a number of existing site facilities.

The application was water removal from supermarket trays at sites operated by XPO Logistics.

The existing system comprised a 45kw high speed blower feeding a series of narrow slot high velocity air knives.

According to Alan Wakeling, Hydrus Group technical director

“The existing system was antiquated to say the least. In addition, the company as a group was keen to reduce energy consumption in order to reduce running costs as part of its continual improvement commitment to its client and meet its CO2 group pledge of reducing carbon emissions.”

Airtec’s challenge was to devise a system which would not only improve the drying but also to reduce the energy costs, when compared to the current system.
A cake and eat it scenario!

Airtec designed and supplied a low pressure high mass flow system utilising a direct drive centrifugal and a series of bespoke air cannons / air knives and air nozzles. Hydrus group, with their extensive applications experience in this field, were instrumental in the field testing, proving and commissioning to get the maximum capability from the system.

Benefits Of the Centrifugal Blower and Air Knife Syatem

The result was impressive.

• The installed system did not compromise the system performance.
• The energy consumption was reduced by an impressive 38kw
• Cost savings per site £30K per annum

As a result, the Airtec / Hydrus system have now been installed across all (15 machines)

Airtec Air Systems Cost Saving

• Cost saving for the entire group £150K per annum across 5 sites, 15 machines in Total.

Many thanks to Alan and all the team at Hydrus for their direction, feedback, understanding and endless cups of coffee. Been a pleasure to work with you all.

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  • Client :Hydrus Hygiene Limited
  • Date :June 2020
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