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Innovative Bespoke Drying Systems

Bespoke Dying Systems For Premier Foods.

Airtec have produced a number of innovative bespoke drying systems for Premier Foods.

Applications include; self contained conveyorised air knife systems, blower powered heater systems, PLC controlled compressed air nozzles, P.I.D. controlled heater systems, to name but a few examples.

Airtec’s self contained airknife systems are turn-key compact standalone water removal units for use in retail packing / despatch operations, automated assembly lines and other conveyorised operations. It incorporates a powered draining belt conveyor for product transportation, upper and lower air knives at the water removal position, an Airtec high-pressure blower and feedback controls suitable either for autonomous operation or integrated to a host system.

Airtec Package Air Knife Drying System

The air knives can be height and angle adjusted and regulated (if required) to allow the optimum drying operation for a particular product. Other air delivery options can include, but not limited to, air spyder manifolds, air cannons (both static and reciprocating cannons for larger surface ares.

Noise is reduced to a minimum by load matching the blower to the particular application and the incorporation of acoustic attenuation where required to comply with health and safety limits/customer requirements.

Load matching the blower can also dramatically improve the energy efficiency over other blower driven airknife systems as we are not limited to supplying a sole type of blower for any particular application.

To date, our numerous systems have utilised;
2 and 4 pole 50hz Centrifugal blowers-low, medium and high pressure.
Side channel blowers-single stage and twin stage
High Speed Centrifugal Blowers -4 to 11kw high speed centrifugal blowers.
The unit is simple to install requiring only one power source to the control panel.

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