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Airtec Air Systems
We supply Side High Speed Blowers, Airtec high speed blowers deliver large volumes of clean dry air at high pressures when compared to Centrifugal Blowers.

High Speed Blowers are ideal for many applications.

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Next Generation High Speed Blowers
The Airtec range of High Speed Blowers have been built from the ground up to offer unmatched efficiency for medium to high velocity airknife applications.
The result is a blower capable of achieving the same performance as much larger 1st generation direct drive and belt driven high speed blowers.
The impeller has been specifically designed to offer a flat response curve over the typical pressures required to drive an air knife in the velocity range of 70 to 200 metres per second.

Benefits therefore over 1st generation belt and direct drive blowers include;
• 30% minimum energy costs savings
• Direct drive from high speed inverter gives a longer service life
• More compact and less weight
• Unmatched controllability via mobile APP.

Power: 3.0KW – 22KW
Air Flow: 450 – 2800m³/h
Pressure: 380mbar (38.0KPa)

Vacuum: 350mbar (35.0KPa)
Weight: 42 – 56 Kg
Ambient Temp: -12°C -40°C

Air Temp Range: <150°C
Design Patterns: Single Blower Hand

Bespoke Options Available

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