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Centrifugal Blower

Assistance in selection
The outlet temperature is dependent upon the loading (power) of the heater and the volume of air passing through. It is possible to vary the outlet temperature by the use of air regulating valves/motor speed controllers (air volume control) or switchable elements/solid state P.I.D controllers (loading control)

Process Air Heaters Summary

Airtec process air heaters are designed for use with a suitable air source such as a centrifugal fan or side channel blower. They are designed to produce a continuous stream of clean, dry, hot, controlled air to the process.
Key Features
• Class leading maximum outlet temperatures to 600 degrees C.
• Power loadings from 100 watt to 96kw.
• High grade 80/20 nickel-chrome elements
• 304 grade stainless steel bodies as a standard
• Can be built to specific end user/o.e.m specification

• Single/three phase supply wound to specified supply voltage
• Un-insulated/Insulated heater bodies
• Terminal box or flying lead connections
• Inlet/outlet connection to customer requirements
• Thermocouple or PT100
• P.i.d. controller to specification

Peace of Mind
For your complete peace of mind, we offer a free consultation and support service that includes on-site trials for test and evaluation
Airtec can assist on selection of the air source and heater loading to provide the required outlet air temperature / volume flow rate for the application.

Bespoke Process Air Heater Units

Airtec is unique in the fact that we can offer completely bespoke process air heaters tailored exactly to your requirements. We currently produce over 70 different body styles with options for flange or spigot connections flying lead or terminal box electrical connections.
Many of these models have been customer specified to suit their individual requirements.

Some common applications include:
Heating, Softening, Curing, Temperature testing, Shrink Wrapping, Drying, De-icing, Sleve Shrinking, Tamper evidence sealing.


B Type Process Air HeaterInformation and technical specifications for our 0 TO 4kw B Type Process Air Heater


H Type Air HeaterInformation and technical specifications for our 0 to 15kw H Type Process Air Heater


P Type Air HeaterInformation and technical specifications for our 0 to 54kw P Type Process Air Heater

Looking For Airknives Systems Or Blowers?
If you need a product to help with blowing away debris or blade-less cutting, see our Air Knife Systems page, alternatively we also offer a range of Side Channel Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers and High Speed Blowers.

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