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Common Air Knife uses

Air knife technology is relatively straightforward but can be used in a large number of different set ups. Compressed air operated air knives provide the perfect solution for drying, cleaning, coating control and cooling.

Air knives are now used across different industries for a number of different purposes. Here is a collection of some of the most common uses for our air knife technologies:

Removing debris

The concentrated airflow provides a great solution for removing small pieces of debris and dust from conveyor belts. The angle of the air knives are able to be altered between 3-30 degrees to improve performance regarding the size of the items and the type of debris needing to be removed.

Coating control

Certain air knives have a very sharp edge of air flow in order to control the level of coating applied to a product. Once the coating is applied the blow of air from the air knife will evenly distribute and help control the amount of coating that remains spreading and drying it in the meantime.

Drying or removing liquids

The most common use for air knives is to accelerate the drying process. Larger blowers can often leave stains on the surface after drying whereas an air knife can dry much quicker and uniformly to ensure no marks remain once the product is completely dry. 

Drying and setting coatings

Compressed air achieves a cooling effect as the air moves from high pressure to low pressure. This cooling effect can help coatings dry and set quickly and more evenly than if they were to dry through any other method.


The cooling effect that benefits drying and setting of coatings can also benefit those industries that require materials to be quickly cooled. Materials that pass through sections producing high levels of heat, for example the cutting of metal parts, can be easily cooled using an air knife positioned at the correct angle and speed.