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Does Indoor Humidification Help the Environment?

There are many different reasons to control indoor humidity on an industrial scale, however, people are often surprised to discover that humidification products can have a positive effect on the environment. Here at Airtec, we have made it our mission to ensure that our clients make the most of their investment and that is why we want to emphasise the benefits of humidification in the workplace. Read on to find out more information…

Can humidification help reduce waste?

An unsuitable relative humidity level that does not fall between 40% and 60% can affect the quality of materials in a range of different industries and lead to un-necessary wastage. These products are then disposed of, often poorly, because they are unsuitable for use. Humidification products like air knives and centrifugal blowers aim to ensure that the indoor humidity of a workplace remains optimum in order to prevent damage to materials like wood, plastic, textiles and even wine.

How do humidification products help optimise efficiency?

Humidity is the measure of the level of water vapour in the atmosphere. In fact, it is this moisture that makes it impossible for a person to sweat efficiently and reduce their body temperature in a hot environment. In a working environment, high humidity levels can lead to poor productivity from employees as people naturally slow down when they get too hot. As a result, the same amount of energy will be used to create fewer products which can have a negative effect on the environment. Luckily, humidification products optimise indoor efficiency by ensuring that a workplace is suitable for staff.

Is less energy consumption per product better for the environment?

Every time a product is made in an industrial working environment, it uses energy. Although humidity may seem unimportant, it can have a big impact on the amount of energy that is utilised per product. After all, unsuitable relative humidity levels can cause the machinery to operate inefficiently, causing them to use more energy than necessary. Humidification products balance these levels to ensure that the machinery operates effectively and can even reduce the amount of energy that is consumed per product, protecting the environment in the process.

Here at Airtec, we provide tailored solutions for humidity control for a range of different clients. With this said, we understand the importance of environmental protection which is why our humidification products are the most effective way to reduce waste and ensure that a businesses operating process is as efficient as possible. To find out more information about the optimum relative humidity for eco-friendly operation, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team and ask about our side channel blowers today!