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The Benefits of Humidity Solutions

Here at Airtec, we believe that stable humidity is the secret to the strength, longevity, flexibility and quality of a product. After all, relative humidity is the percentage of water vapour in the air at a certain temperature and it can influence raw materials and processes in a variety of different ways. Our range of humidity solutions aim to help business owners maintain a healthy humidity balance for people, products and processes. Read on as we go over three different benefits…

Why does humidity control reduce electrostatic discharge?
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a scientific phenomenon that occurs when there is a low relative humidity inside a workplace. After all, less moisture vapour in the air means that the airborne moisture cannot dissipate the static electricity as effectively. Although this may sound insignificant, ESD can pose many threats in the workplace and lead to gas, fuel or coal explosions. Luckily, humidity control solutions help ensure that that the relative humidity stays within the optimal zone.

Can humidity affect the productivity of a workplace?
It is safe to say that humidity and heat go hand in hand with one another. After all, too much water vapour in the air makes it difficult for the body to regulate its temperature and remove excess heat through sweat because the moisture on our skin cannot evaporate as effectively. As a result, a workplace with an inefficient relative humidity will be incredibly hot and this will cause a ripple effect on the productivity of the staff. By investing in humidification products, a business owner can ensure that the heat caused by humidity doesn’t affect the company’s ability to meet deadlines.

Can humidity solutions force airborne dust to settle faster?
The optimal relative humidity is said to fall between 40% and 60% as this provides a constant setting and environmental conditions that are designed with the processes that a business needs to thrive in mind. In fact, airborne dust settles at a much faster rate when the relative humidity falls between these levels, guaranteeing a safe internal air quality that will benefit people, products and processes equally and effectively.

The climate of a working environment plays a big role in the productivity of staff and the quality of the final product that they produce. By investing in humidification products, business owners can also reduce the amount of wastage their manufacturing process creates and optimise the efficiency of the machinery in order to benefit the environment. To find out more information about our range of humidity solutions, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team and ask about our range of centrifugal blowers today!