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The Different Types of Airtec Blowers

With over 18 years in the humidification industry, the team here at Airtec like to think that we know a thing or two about industrial markets and the type of industries that may be able to benefit from our products. After all, an optimum relatively humidity of 40-60% is important in business in order to ensure that the manufacturing process of products is as efficient as possible. Read on as the team here at Airtec go over the three types of blowers that we stock…

Side Channel Blowers

As the number one choice for automatic projects that require a large volume of clean, dry air at a low pressure, side channel blowers can be purchased with a variety of specialist applications. In addition to this, they produce very little noise and are said to be maintenance free thanks to their forward-thinking design. A side channel blower has 3D blades that allows the air between them to accelerate due to the rotations of the blower. This air is then forced back into the bottom of the blades due to the pressure and the process repeats itself in order to create an intense output that can be used for process cooling, aeration and fume/heat extraction applications.

Centrifugal Blowers

An Airtec centrifugal blower has a variety of standard features as part of the product range such as robust, corrosion resistance, epoxy resin coatings and cast aluminium housings. In addition to this, motors with a class H insulation specification are used in order to provide customers with reliability and peace of mind. During operation, the impeller in a centrifugal blower rotates which sucks air into the inlet and directs it into a centrifugal motion. This creates much higher volumes at lower pressures and is a popular tool for air knife applications, process drying and aeration.

High Speed Blowers

Built from the ground up in order to provide our clients with unmatched efficiency, an Airtec next generation high speed blower is the perfect solution for medium-high velocity air knife applications. In comparison to previous models, this design provides 30% savings on energy costs and is a more compact and lightweight product with a noticeably longer service life.

Here at Airtec, we use a combination of expertise and experience in order to provide our clients with high-quality products and a bespoke system that will last for many years. In fact, all our humidification products can be tailored with the client’s requirements in mind which gives our service excellent value for money. To find out more information about our range of side channel blowers, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team today!