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Air Knife Enclosure

The customer was looking to completely replace an antiquated blower driven air-knife system used to remove moisture from an in-line production process.


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Air Knife System Installation

Custom stainless steel air knife enclosure

Airtec recommended keeping the existing 2 pole blower centrifugal blower as it had been well matched for the application. This represented a significant cost benefit for the customer.

To comply with current health and safety legislation, Airtec manufactured and installed an Acoustic enclosure over the existing blower, and replaced the guarding and access area on the air knife housing.

Acoustic enclosure for centrifugal blower

The old air knives were replaced as they were a very in-efficient design and were not matched to achieve the optimum performance of the centrifugal blower. Quick release clamping was employed to improve ease of maintenance.
Sound pressure levels were reduced to comply with guidelines and the performance of the system was improved with the Airtec stainless steel airknives.

The customer was very pleased with the performance. Operations director Colin Sanderson commented:

‘Airtec improved on the existing performance without the costly replacement of the blower and the system looks fantastic’