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Airknife System

Airtec Air Systems provided an Airknife Drying Tunnel to Link 51 – One of the leading suppliers of pallet racking and storage solutions in the UK.


Aston Martin


Aston Martin AirKnife Installation

AirKnife Installation
Airtec Air Systems won the contract to supply Aston Martin a bespoke air knife system for blowing off debris and removing any static from the car bodies prior to painting.

This was part of a new line to tailor for customer bespoke colours and finishes on these beautiful cars.
This is obviously a critical part of the process as any contaminants would compromise the finish quality.

A direct drive centrifugal blower was chosen for this application as there were stringent noise levels constraints on this project.
The Airtec blower was used to drive the airknives mounted on a bespoke ‘goal post’ style arrangement.

The exit air stream from the knife was charged via air knife anti-static bars provided by Fraser Anti-Static.


This successfully eliminated the static charge.
Air-bourne particles at this stage where extracted via a bespoke filter panel arrangement again, in a ‘goal post’ arrangement.

The system was very successful and was the first closed loop system employed for this type of application.