Rolls Royce

Drying Chamber

Airtec air systems was commissioned by Rolls Royce plc to design and supply an improved drying method in their production of aircraft impellers.


Rolls Royce


Drying Chamber – Rolls Royce

Bespoke Drying Chamber

The existing system was very in-efficient, relying on batches of moulds being loaded into a convection oven. The heat process cycle took 1 ½ hours to complete with a 36kw supply.
Airtec designed and supplied a completely bespoke drying chamber comprising a heated purge system, under moderate pressure as a turnkey solution.

The moulds were again loaded into a drying chamber. Hot air was generated by an Airtec H type heater fed by an Airtec side channel blower and a p.i.d. controller
A unique nozzle was designed to fit to the moulds. This was automatically locked into position with an innovative mechanical handling solution.

The benefits of the Airtec Drying Chamber system was as follows

1. Heat Cycle time reduced from 90 minutes to 8 minutes
2. Increased production capacity
3. Lower temperatures improved safety with handling
4. Lower temperatures improved mould life and reduced stress fractures
5. Energy Consumption reduced from 36kw to 15kw.
6. Energy saving £4800.00 per annum.