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Aston Martin AirKnife Installation

Airtec Air Systems won the contract to supply Aston Martin a bespoke air knife system for blowing off debris and removing any static from the car bodies prior to painting.

This was part of a new line to tailor for customer bespoke colours and finishes on these beautiful cars.

This is obviously a critical part of the process as any contaminants would compromise the finish quality.

A direct drive centrifugal blower was chosen for this application as there were stringent noise levels constraints on this project. The Airtec blower was used to drive the airknives mounted on a bespoke ‘goal post’ style arrangement.

The exit air stream from the knife was charged via air knife anti-static bars provided by Fraser Anti-Static.

This successfully eliminated the static charge. Air-bourne particles at this stage where extracted via a bespoke filter panel arrangement again, in a ‘goal post’ arrangement.

The system was very successful and was the first closed loop system employed for this type of application.

  • Category :Case Studies - Air Knives, Process Air Heaters & More!
  • Client :Aston Martin
  • Date :March 2020
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