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The Benefits of Air Channel Blowers

An air channel blower is a popular humidification tool that is suitable for a wide range of applications including process cooling, aeration and air knife technology. After all, these industry practices often rely on automation for clean, dry air at low pressures and a side channel blower can provide just that without breaking the bank. Read on as the team here at Airtec go over some of the benefits that can be obtained from an investment in an air channel blower…

Longevity and Durability

A product that is made for industrial applications must be able to live up to industrial standards which is why an air channel blower is made from high-quality materials in order to guarantee longevity and durability. In fact, we fit all our air channel blowers with an insulated class H IP54 motor which provides expert performance with a lifetime guarantee.

Quiet Operation

The materials that are used to craft an air channel blower have their own unique purpose. In fact, the insulated motor that Airtec utilises within our product is specifically chosen in order to provide our customers with a low-noise application that delivers a reliable and high-quality service without disturbing the workplace.


The cost of an industrial product plays a big role in a company’s decision to invest and that is why we work hard in order to ensure that our clients can obtain the benefits of humidification without breaking the bank. After all, air channel blowers are a necessary investment for process cooling and similar applications which means that affordability is an Airtec benefit that is difficult to beat.

Here at Airtec, we use our expertise in air knife application and humidification in order to provide our clients with a high-quality service that they can rely on. In fact, our side channel blowers are crafted from a cast aluminium alloy in order to provide a robust and corrosion resistant service that is fit for even the most demanding applications. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team today!