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The Top 3 Airtec Accessories

Here at Airtec, we may be known for our expertise in air knife technology and our wide range of air blowers and heaters, however we also stock an extensive range of accessories that can be used alongside our primary product range. After all, an accessory can increase the longevity and improve the performance of an Airtec product whilst providing customers with excellent value for money. Read on as we go over the top three accessories that we supply…


When it comes to side channel blowers, a filter can improve the purity of air application and ensure that the products treated using such machinery are done so with a high-quality supply of clean, dry air. In fact, there are two different filters for clients to choose from: blowing filters, which are the minimum requirement for side channel blowers in order to provide fine filtration levels, and vacuum filters, which can be personalised with washable polyester and provide a 5 micron filter level.

Flexible Hoses

A hose may be utilised in order to direct the flow of air and ensure that a humidification product works as specified. With this said, flexible hoses are a popular accessory because they can be used within a variety of different industries and applications, such as a food grading and high-temperature environments.

Acoustic Enclosures

Although our products here at Airtec are designed with noise reduction in mind, the components in our blowers can be disruptive for small businesses. As a result, an acoustic enclosure is an accessory that can be utilised in order to reduce the sound pressure levels of our side channel blowers or high-speed blowers, as stipulated by H.S.E guidelines.

Since humidification products like centrifugal blowers and side channel blowers can greatly improve the productivity of industrial businesses, the team here at Airtec work hard in order to provide our clients excellent value for money. After all, our range of accessories can be utilised alongside some of our best-selling products. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team and ask about our accessories range today!