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The Benefits of Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal Blowers are fitted with an impeller that sucks in air through an inlet as it rotates. This air is directed in an outwards centrifugal motion towards the edge of the impeller where it exits through an outlet. This creates kinetic energy that increases the volume of the air whilst ensuring that it remains at a lower pressure which is then utilized in drying applications. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of investing in a centrifugal blower…


Since centrifugal blowers are supplied with a constant air flow, they are able to generate energy that operates at an efficiency rating of at least 84% and this allow businesses in the industrial sector to meet quotas on time without any issues in the system arising. In addition to this, centrifugal blowers have an impressively low power consumption which means that they are an incredibly cost-effective investment.


Maintenance is an important requirement of any industrial humidification product; however, it is often neglected due to the sheer difficulty of accessing all of the moving parts within. Luckily, a centrifugal blower is crafted with self-cleaning components that make them an incredibly low-maintenance option. Plus, the parts that do need to be manually cleaned are fairly easy to access with the correct training.

Versatile Product Range

As one of the most popular industrial air handling tools, a centrifugal blower can be implemented in a wide range of different ways and this means that a versatile product range is essential. Luckily, clients are able to select a model that meets their needs appropriately. In fact, Airtec stock a wide range of centrifugal blowers that differ in terms of their power, voltage and current output.

Here at Airtec, we place a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction in order to ensure that the businesses that we supply to are able to obtain the best air handling application and humidification service possible. In addition to this, our range of centrifugal blowers is unrivalled which means that our industrial clients are able to find the model that meets their requirements as closely as possible. To find out more information about the principles of our centrifugal blowers, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team today!