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The Role of Air Knives in Food Processing

As one of the most versatile humidification products on the market, it is safe to say that the air knife plays an important role in the food processing and packaging industry. After all, removing dust and drying product labels are all processes that are carried out by the linear flow of air that an air knife provides. Read on as the team here at Airtec go over everything there is to know about the role of air knives within the food processing industry…

In layman’s terms, an air knife is a tool that is used in order to treat products as they travel along a conveyer belt. It delivers an even burst of air, known as a laminar flow, that can be used in order to remove debris like dust and moisture, dry labels into place and even cool surfaces so that they reach a suitable temperature for the next stage of production. In fact, they are considered the most reliable and effective approach to the removal of foreign substances, particularly in the food processing and packaging industry.

Every single item that is factory produced in the world must be made according to strict guidelines in order to guarantee the safety of the consumer. As a result, an air knife is a popular tool that is utilised during several stages of food processing and packaging in order to ensure that the finished product is manufactured to a high standard. For example, it can be used to remove moisture from glass beer bottles before the lid is added in order to prevent corrosion, remove debris like dust prior to the packaging phase and even prevent ice build-up during the processing of frozen food.

Although an air knife is not a large tool, it plays an integral role in a wide range of different industries. After all, the food processing and packaging industry as we know it today couldn’t function at the efficiency that it does without the benefits that air knife application provides

Here at Airtec, we work hard in order to create bespoke systems are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. After all, an air knife is a highly specialised piece of machinery that is used for a wide range of applications within the food processing and packaging industry which means that it must be as reliable as possible. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Airtec team today!