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Airknife Drying Tunnel – Link 51

Airtec Air Systems provided an Airknife Drying Tunnel to Link 51 – One of the leading suppliers of pallet racking and storage solutions in the UK.

Bespoke Airknife Drying Tunnel

Link approached Airtec to design a bespoke airknife drying tunnel, as part of a linear production process for their pallet racking support steels. The supports needed to be totally dry before the priming stage. An added complication was the pockets and profiles that made the product challenging from an airknife drying perspective.

Airknives And Side Channel Blowers – Working Together

Airknife Drying TunnelAirtec designed a bespoke airknife drying tunnel which comprised a combination of high velocity airknives and miniature bespoke air cannons.
A side channel blower was employed for this particular application as these can be the most cost effective solution for airknife applications with a relatively small outlet surface area.

The bespoke airknives within the tunnel were calculated to give a sufficiently high exit air velocity, whilst creating back pressure to generate heat. The relatively high pressure capability of the side channel blower can be utilised in this way to further enhance the drying performance of the system, without the use of additional process air heaters.

Benefits of our Air Knife Drying tunnel

The system was a success and energy consumption was reduced to from a proposed competitors 23kw system (comprising a 12kw process air heater and an 11kw belt driven high speed blower) to 7.5kw provided by an Airtec RT-7500 side channel blower.

Working with Link 51 was a real pleasure. Our close collaboration ensured we could deliver a specific, custom made Air Knife Drying Tunnel to them. Not only did it do the job required perfectly, but also gave them real savings, both financially and environmentally.

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  • Date :August 2020
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