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Bespoke Air Knife System

Air Knife Drying System

Airtec was approached by a leading web processing manufacture to produce a bespoke air knife capable of producing exit air velocities in excess of 250 metres per second across a 1.5 metre width. This high velocity was required to remove excess liquid from a web travelling at over 200 metres per second.

High Velocity Airknives

Bespoke Air Knife SystemOur standard air knife profile was redesigned to handle the high pressures and large mass flow rates required to produce this velocity. The airknife can be seen on the right hand side of the picture. The system was a success both in terms of performance and significant energy savings over the previous compressed air airknife system.

High Speed Air Blower Installation

An Airtec high speed blower was used to drive the bespoke air knife, total energy savings were close to 50kw when compared to the existing compressor. This equated to a cost benefit of over £15,000.00 per year. The application was short listed as a show case for the green energy awards by our partners at the Carbon Trust.

  • Category :Case Studies - Air Knives, Process Air Heaters & More!
  • Client :Web Processing Manufacture
  • Date :August 2020
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